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CNJ CNJ books All available - incl. out-of-print - books about the CNJ
Steam Steam by Class table details by class (for e.g.)
Steam by Year table
no.s & dates table detailed table showing which loco no.s were running in each year (1930-55)
Diesels Diesel by Class table
Diesel Paint Schemes Tangerine & Blue
Green & Yellow
Austerity Green, Blue & Yellow and Red Barron paint schemes to be done
Freight under development  
CNJ links A list of links to websites with information about CNJ matters
CNJ Models in HO Steam Models table Tables showing the available HO models of CNJ prototypes - grouped by CNJ class
Diesel Models table
Steam Models photos details by class (for e.g.) Pages showing photos of available HO models of CNJ prototypes
Diesel Models photos details by class (for e.g.) Pages showing photos of available HO models of CNJ prototypes
Loco Kitbashes B & E series switchers
G3 Pacific
M2/M3 Mikado
K1 Camelback
RS3 / RSD4-5 Alco Switchers
Mauch Chunk Buildings details by building -  e.g. plans in Powerpoint files - e.g.
Railroad Signalling in M.C.
Operations in M.C.
Locos in M.C.  
Photos recent photos selected recent photos of old Mauch Chunk riverside
Plans & Maps Track plans, town plans, model plans and even maps and satellite photos.
Town Books
Town Links
Our Model Progress & History now on homauchchunk2
Projects Perspex-Cored Buildings  
Carved River Wall  
Truss Bridge  
Track Plan the latest plan linked to a plan in Excel file
Articles we are now (2017) getting articles published and they will soon appear here!
The Modellers now on homauchchunk2
Glyn's Model A page introducing Glyn Thomas' model of the CRP including Mauch Chunk.
Site Map This page!
Thanks A list of the people who have helped us with the model and with information.
Contact Us How to contact the UK-based modellers of "Mauch Chunk, PA"

Send emailto Steve (details on contact us page) with questions or comments about this web site.
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