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Steam Locomotives of the CNJ >  
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2_locos.jpg (48850 bytes)Commuter passenger services were pulled by a fleet of mainly 4-6-0 camelbacks, with the assistance of some tank locos, and long distance passenger trains by a small fleet of 4-6-2 rear-cab pacifics.  Coal trains were switched and pulled by 2-8-0 and 4-8-0 camelbacks.  Switching on the CNJ was managed by a mix of rear-cab and camelback 0-6-0 and 0-8-0s.  The largest steam locomotive the CNJ ran was the 2-8-2 rear-cab heavy mikado, which pulled the fast freights and later the slow freights when diesels started to take over.  Almost all of these classes had Wooten fireboxes to burn a mix of anthracite coal.

These pages include tables of all the steam locomotive types that ran on the CNJ in the 1940s and early 50s - and the tables also provide access to profiles of each type of locomotive.  To simplify the picture we have grouped the locomotive classes according to appearance - but without losing any of the detail.  The last table (no.s & dates) lists each locomotive by number and shows the years it was running.  A summary table at the bottom of this page shows how many camelback and rear cab locos there were left in 1940.

For More Details:
See the Steam Locomotive.com website for a table of camelback locomotives.  For CNJ steam photos go the the North East Rails website and in particular:  CNJ Steam Roster 1-599CNJ Steam Roster 600-999; and more CNJ steam photos . The Fallen Flags CNJ page, although having more photos of diesels, also includes some of steam locomotives.

In books, the most comprehensive coverage of CNJ steam can be found in Robert Fischer's "The Central Railroad Company of New Jersey Steam Motive Power 1935-1956" and the new, much improved (2nd) edition of Victor Roseman's "Central Railroad of New Jersey Steam Locomotive Planbook, Postwar Power (c.1945 - 1954)" with photos and plans (in HO scale) of all the steam classes. The enthusiast may also want to reference Crater & Owen's "Locomotives of the Jersey Central. 1 - 999" with details of each locomotive.  Bert Pennypacker's "Jersey Central Steam: In Color" covers all steam classes and Bernet's "The Hard Coal Carriers: Volume 2: Camelback Twilight" covers the 4-4-2 and 4-6-0 passenger camelbacks . The "Jersey Central Lines in Color" series (vol.s 1-3) also have many steam photos in amongst the diesels. Go to our CNJ Books page for more details.

Summary Table:
Gives the numbers of each class running in 1940 - listed by wheel arrangement and distinguishing only camelbacks from rear-cabbed locos.

Type Wheels 1919 Class 1945 class Camelback rear cab 1919 Class

1945 class

switcher 0-4-0T 1 A 4S22
switcher 0-6-0 B2-4 6S23,31,34 45 21 B5-7 6S38,39
switcher 0-8-0 E1 8S53 25 30 E2-4 8S53,61,64
suburban tank 2-6-2T 15 J1 SU23
Consolidation 2-8-0 I4,6 C44 17
Mikado 2-8-2 85 M1-3 M63
Atlantic 4-4-2 P6 A28 6
Ten Wheeler 4-6-0 L3-8 T26,28,32,
Pacific 4-6-2 21 G1-4 P43,47,52
suburban tank 4-6-4T 6 H1 SU31
Twelve Wheeler 4-8-0 K1 TW40 29
206 179

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Last modified: August 2017