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0-6-0 B series | 2-8-2 M series | 4-2-4 inspection | 4-4-2 P series | 4-6-0 L series | 4-6-2 G series | 4-6-4T H series | 4-8-0 K series

The locomotive classes below are ordered numerically by wheel arrangement:
NOTE: Many of the photos are taken from eBay - if you recognise them and want them removed from this site, please email us (Contact Us page) and we will happily remove them - alternatively we can put in a link to your store.

Click on the photos below or the links above to get to the detail pages (The original page with all the photos on is now too big to manage)

65 photos
0-6-0 Switchers classes B2, B3 and B4  

B2 / B3 / B4 brass - Overland Models (OMI)

73 photos
2-8-2 Mikado classes M2, M3 and M1

M3s / M3as  brass - Overland Models (OMI)
M2as  brass          - Overland Models (OMI)
M1s plastic           - Broadway Ltd (BLI)

22 photos
4-2-4T Inspection Engine

brass - Fomras

25 photos
4-4-2 Atlantic class P7
model is of a Reading P5 - identical to the CNJ P7 which were scrapped late '30s

brass - Custom Brass
brass - Overland Models (OMI)

113 photos
4-6-0 Ten-Wheeler classes L

brass - Red Ball
brass - Key Import
brass - International
die-cast - HO Train Co. / New One

87 photos
4-6-2 Pacific classes G1/2 & G3/4

G1sa brass - Overland Models (OMI)  - Reading prototype, which is similar
G2sa brass - Empire-Midland              - Reading prototype, which is similar
G3/4 brass - Overland Models (OMI)  - incl. painted as blue comet

36 photos
4-6-4T Suburban class H1s

brass - Pacific Fast Mail (PFM)
brass - Huntingdon/Model West

43 photos
4-8-0 Twelve-Wheeler classes K1s & K1as

K1s & K1as brass  - Precision Scale Company (PSC)
K1s brass              - DaiYoung / Custom Brass

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Last modified: January 2018