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We would like to thank -

Eugene Mones, of Jim Thorpe, PA a long-time friend and a member of the Hudson MRC - for supplying photos of historic Mauch Chunk from his own material, and for researching archive material of Mauch Chunk for us.  .. but mainly for his hospitality and introducing me to Jim Thorpe in the first place ! Sadly Gene passed away on 4th August 2014 - our thoughts are with his family.

Phil Baggley, of the British region of the NMRA (email to join the British Region of the NMRA ) - for supplying photos of Jim Thorpe (taken by Jim Johnson) and invaluable plans of Mauch Chunk.

Tom Bavolar, for helping to complete the CNJ booklist and supplying photos.

Tom Biery, author of "Alcos to Allentown" - for supplying 1925 and c1930 track diagrams - which have been used in finalising our modelling track plan - and for photos sourced from the ebay auction site.

Tom Devenny, of East Norriton, PA - for sending us information on the CNJ rolling stock - especially freight - available as HO models. This will be invaluable as we build up our  stock.   See the freight page for details.

Chuck Diljak, for pointing us to the website of the Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) and the Historic American Engineering Record (HAER) which has some very useful photos.

Bob Fischer, expert in CNJ & LV history - for supplying a pre-1900 track plan, aerial photo of Mauch Chunk, and detailed photo of the Freight house. He also runs, with William Greenberg, the Black Diamonds to Tidewater website which has some superb early photos of the CNJ and LV - including quite a few of Mauch Chunk.

Doug Hunt, experienced CNJ modeller and member of the CNJ Modellers group for providing guidance on kitbashing a CNJ P47 Pacific and M2/3 Mikado.

Kurt Jackson of Jim Thorpe Tourist Information - for taking a large selection of photos of the buildings in Jim Thorpe that are still standing and which will be invaluable as we model them. He also has his own website. Thanks also for suggesting a newspaper article to Al Zagofsky (see below).

Richard Jahn of the Anthracite Railroads Historical Society - for supplying the 1905 track plan that started us on the road to getting it right, and the suggestion that we look in the US Library of Congress, American Memories web site, which first introduced us to some excellent archive material..

Joe Kacirek for his generous support in assisting with the acquisition of the correct rolling stock for the layout..

Elaine Leaser, of Lehighton, PA - for sending us old photos of Mauch Chunk from her mother and father's Antique Shop at 50 Broadway, Jim Thorpe. They have helped fill a number of gaps which will greatly improve our model.

Alan Mende, experienced CNJ modeller, author of a Railroad Model Craftsman article on kitbashing a CNJ 0-6-0 B6s, and member of the CNJ Modellers group, for providing kibashing information, locomotive plans and details and photos for the booklist.

Frank Revitt, of Stroudsburg, PA - for sending us the automatic signalling plan (1962) for the CNJ Easton - Scranton, PA line and photographic material of the Mauch Chunk station area also showing the signalling. This will be invaluable for producing good models of the signals.  See the signalling page for details.

Paul Rice, of Downington, PA - for supplying HO-scale architect drawings of the Station building in Mauch Chunk (contact him for more details) and for providing details of operating practices and signalling on the CNJ at Mauch Chunk.

Victor Roseman, experienced CNJ modeller, photographer author of "CRRofNJ Steam Locomotive Planbook - postwar power" and "CRRofNJ 1940 Freight Car Diagram Book" and many articles, and member of the CNJ Modellers group for providing guidance on kitbashing a CNJ P47 Pacific and other advice.

Nick Salerno, for letting us reproduce his instruction for superdeatiling an Atlas RS3 - originally sent to the CNJ Modeller Yahoo! Group.

Hank Sundermeyer, for letting us reproduce his letter on lower quadrant semaphore signals - originally sent to the CNJ Modeller Yahoo! Group and more recent (April 2016) help with the signals.

Glyn Thomas, of New Jersey - for contacting us about his model of Mauch Chunk and for providing several key photos of the South end of the passenger station and some more information about the trolley lines in Mauch Chunk.    He also has his own railway website.

John Wierzbicki, for helping to complete DVD part of the CNJ booklist with his excellent reviews.

Al Zagofsky, a journalist, for writing about us - "Brits need our help modelling" - in the TIMES NEWS,  the local paper in Jim Thorpe, PA,  and encouraging others to help find material for us.   See the article in full.

Send emailto Steve (details on contact us page) with questions or comments about this web site.
Last modified: January 2018