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yard switchers | Alco road switchers | other road switchers | Babyfaces | EMD F units | Double-enders

The locomotive classes below are ordered by yard switchers, road switchers, freight and passenger:
NOTE: Many of the photos are taken from eBay - if you recognise them and want them removed from this site, please email us (Contact Us page) and we will happily remove them - alternatively we can put in a link to your store.

Click on the photos below or the links above to get to the detail pages (The original page with all the photos on is now too big to manage)

52 photos
  Yard Switchers  

Boxcab brass                   - International
Boxcab plastic                - Roundhouse / Aristocraft / Athearn
Alco HH660 brass            - Overland Models (OMI) / E&P Associates
Alco S1 plastic                - Atlas
Baldwin VO660 plastic    - Stewart
Baldwin VO1000 plastic  - Stewart
EMC SW-1 plastic            - Walthers     
FM H10-44 plastic            - Walthers

41 photos
  Alco Road Switchers

RS-1 plastic             - Atlas
RS-3 brass                - Overland Models (OMI)
RS-3 plastic             - Atlas / Stewart
RSD-4 plastic           - Atlas

20 photos
  other Road Switchers

Baldwin RS12 plastic        - Stewart
EMD GP7 brass                 - Overland Models (OMI)
FM H15-44 plastic             - Atlas
FM H22-44 plastic             - Atlas

42 photos
  Baldwin "Babyface" Cab Units

DR 4-4-1500 brass - Overland Models (OMI)
DR 4-4-1500 brass - Hallmark

45 photos
  EMD Freight Cab Units

F3 brass           - Overland Models (OMI) / Oriental
F3 plastic         - Athearn Genesis / Proto 1000 / Stewart

71 photos
  Baldwin "double-ender" Passenger Units

DRX 6-4-2000 2000-2002 1st series brass   - Overland Models (OMI)
DRX 6-4-2000 2003-2005 2nd series brass - Overland Models (OMI)
DRX 6-4-2000 2003-2005 2nd series brass - Red Ball

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Last modified: January 2018