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2001.jpg (35522 bytes)

The CNJ introduced a mix of diesel yard switchers from Alco, EMD and Baldwin throughout the 1940s to the early 1950s.  They then introduced freight cab units from EMD (F3s) and Baldwin (DR 4-4-1500) from 1947 and the unique double ended Baldwin DRX 4-4-2000 passenger cab units (picture right).  Mainly-Alco road switchers (mostly RS-3 and RSD-4s) were added to the roster around 1950-3 and were accompanied by passenger road switchers from Fairbanks Morse: H15-44s (picture below) & H16-44s (1948-50), and EMD: GP7s (1952). The FM Trainmaster H24-66 was first introduced in 1954 and the last batch in 1956 were a replacement for the "double enders" which were withdrawn at the same time.

For more detail, the Diesel Class table (above) lists all of the diesel locomotive classes that ran on the CNJ before 1959.  For other tables go the the North East Rails website for locomotive details and photos, in particular the North East Rails CNJ Diesel Roster and the Fallen Flags CNJ page.

fm_h15-44.jpg (28323 bytes)Bernet's "Jersey Central Diesels"  is the most detailed exposition of the diesels of the CNJ, with diagrams, statistics and photos.  It has recently been joined by "Jersey Central Power In Color Volume 1: #50-1709".

Books with lots of color photos of CNJ diesels from this period are  "Jersey Central Lines In Color, Volumes 1, 2 & 3", Jeremy Plant's "Trackside around Allentown, PA" and "Alcos to Allentown" by Tom Biery.   See the CNJ Books page for details.   Plans and photos of many of the diesels (not in CNJ paint schemes) can be found in the Kalmbach "Model Railroader Cyclopedia - Volume 2, Diesel Locomotives".  


Victor Roseman adds:
In the '50s when CNJ first got diesels, they had about a dozen of the big Baldwin double ender cab units. Those were the only non-roadswitcher passenger engines they had. At the time they operated the mainline to Allentown and Scranton, their share of the New York and Long Branch RR to Bay Head, the Seashore branch to Atlantic Highlands (Highlands) to Freehold, Carteret, Flemington (which was usually steam-) the Newark branch, and dozens of turn-back trains on the mainline making turn arounds at Plainfield, Cranford and Bayonne. As steam passed into history, all of those runs were operated increasingly by road switchers. Baldwins were often seen on the Carteret branch. Alco RS-1s and I think the FM 1500s went to the seashore, I remember GP-7s, FM 1500s and 2400s (Trainmasters) on the mainline to Raritan, Trainmasters and RS-3s to Philadelphia, RS-3s to Allentown, Trainmasters, FM 1500s to New York and Long Branch points. After the demise of the Baldwin cab units (Guessing around 1958-60) all the C?NJ had in passenger service were road switcher configurations. There were a bunch of RDCs that ran all over, usually as single cars but sometimes in a train of several to Hampton or possibly Allentown, but otherwise roadswitchers were all they had especially after the passing of the F-3s in the 1960s. There was a resurgence of cab units when second hand GM diesels came from Wabash/N&W and possibly from other roads, but those were freight only engines.

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Last modified: January 2018