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The CNJ - Central Railroad of New Jersey >
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crpnj813sm.jpg (7506 bytes)The CNJ carried commuters, longer-distance travellers, freight and coal and ran out of New Jersey and into Pennsylvania.   It is particularly notable for its extensive use of "camelback" steam locomotives right through into the 1950s, when most railroads had abandoned them - see the Steam page for details.

There are good text introductions to the CNJ at the following sites:
                        Central Railroad of New Jersey Information
                        NE Rails - Central of New Jersey History
                        CNJ page - National Railroad Historical Society

This section contains information about all CNJ books and DVD/videos (CNJ Books) and links to other CNJ and anthracite railroad websites (CNJ Links).

CNJ_logo.gif (6096 bytes)The sections on Steam and Diesel look at the locomotives running on the CNJ in the 1940s and 50s.  From both pages you can access tables of the locomotives grouped by class;  the steam section also has tables of the numbers surviving in given years and gives access to "profile pages" (click here for an example); the diesel section also has a section dedicated to the paint schemes the diesels were painted in.  

The Freight  page is still under development.  

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Last modified: January 2018