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Track Plans, Diagrams and Maps of the Lehigh Riverside area of old Mauch Chunk

This page shows source track diagrams, track plans, maps and satellite photo of Jim Thorpe / Mauch Chunk and also maps of the Lehigh Riverside are of old Mauch Chunk  The model track plan (see also the model track plan) is based on the 1905 track plan as modified by the 1924 track diagrams and some of the photos from Flagstaff Mountain (#000 series) which you can find in the Photo Archive.

  1924 track diagram.jpg (144037 bytes)   c1930 track diagram.jpg (391486 bytes)   pre-1900 track plan.jpg (125934 bytes)1905 track plan.jpg (494243 bytes)

The track diagrams (above left- c1925) were supplied by Tom Biery, the large track plan (above- 1905) by Richard Jahn and the smaller (left- pre-1900) track plan by Bob FIscher.  See also the town plan below.

Thanks Guys - we couldn't have done it without you.

town plan_small.jpg (8780 bytes)

The town plan to the right gives more details of the buildings - especially in Susquehanna Street - although the track layout is either very old or just plain wrong.

signal.jpg (208019 bytes)A signalling plan was supplied by Frank Revitt and is shown to the right. This section includes both the station area (to the R) and the Mauch Chunk yard leading up to Nesquehoning Junction (to the L).

signals.jpg (111224 bytes)

...based on this plan, a close-up of the passenger depot area has been prepared - with numbers refering to the signals numbered on the signalling page.

For general interest we also include below a satellite photo and USGS map from the Terraserver site.
aerial.jpg (137744 bytes)   usgs.gif (118437 bytes)       

This image represents the most recent, working track plan (version 19) which is also found on the modelling pages. v19.jpg (35350 bytes)

The Lehigh waterfront area of old Mauch Chunk that we are modelling is shown on the plan below (The yard at the right has been compressed - see above, The Lehigh river is at the bottom of the plan. Other detailed town plans (below) are based on the Sanborn map.

town1.jpg (22068 bytes)

Lehigh riverside area of Mauch Chunk in about 1930 (Sanborn Map).
townplan1930original.gif (25681 bytes)

Lehigh riverside area of Mauch Chunk showing showing which buildings from 1930 are still standing.
New buildings since 1930 not shown.
townplan1930standing.gif (19188 bytes)

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Last modified: January 2018