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Mauch Chunk in April 2016
photos by Steve Hales

This last six or so months has seen us finishing the trolleys, checking they fit in a Luton van (as we will use to transport them to exhibition) and finishing work on the BLI USRA Mikado conversions to CNJ M3 Miikados. A lot of hopper cars have also been completed, ready now to be weathered and loaded. Finally, work is now starting on building a working signal gantry for the west end of the layout.

These first five photos show the trolley purpose built for the storage yard. All five 3ft x 4ft boards fit into grooves in it and when the ends are both closed, are secure for transport. The unloaded trolley folds up into a small space - first photo.


Once all the scenic and storage yards boards are packed into their trolleys and, the end boards are folded into each other, they were stacked into a space the size of a Luton van to make sure we could transport the layout to exhibition.

  Here are two photos showing the 'stacked van'!  Not very exciting but very important.


Finally we reassembled the layout in a couple of hours (well, almost).


The work on the Mikados was carried out by Steve, starting with the kitbashes originally worked on by the (late) Chris Bennett and Steve. The full details of the assembly will be placed in a project page, but in the meanwhile, this downloadable pdf file has all the details.

Here are a few photos from the construction:

..and a final one showing one completed, but not yet weathered, Mikado - in front of a BLI brass equivalent.

Signal Bridge
The signal bridge is only in prototype at the moment and the details below show a test etch of the gantry. This will be considerably modified for the final version. We are intending for this to be available in 2, 3 and 4 track versions for other CNJ and East Coast modellers - the details of how to do this have not been worked out yet, but don't hesitate to contact us if you may be interested.



The fingers belong to Richard Oldfield of the Barrowmore Model Railway Group.

Cheers until next time
Steve & Gordon


Send emailto Steve (details on contact us page) with questions or comments about this web site.
Last modified: January 2018