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Diesel Paint Schemes >   Up | Tangerine & Blue | Green & Yellow 
Tangerine and Blue - Period 1, 1946 - 1950        

Applied only to Cab Units and the FM H15-44 during 1946 - 1950 and lasted until 1954 on some locomotives.

Cab Units
EMD F3A, #50  (Andy Romano)                           Baldwin DR 4-4-1500. #76                                  Baldwin DRX 6-4-2000, #2001 (Corel Corp.)
Northeast Railfan Net                                           Northeast Railfan Net                                         Northeast Railfan Net  

The three types of cab units operated by the CNJ, freight: ABA sets of EMD F3s, Baldwin DR 4-4-1500 and passenger: double-ended Baldwin DRX 6-4-2000 were all painted initially in the two-tone tangerine (above) and blue (below). Within a year the roofs were also painted blue (although they look black in photos) as the tangerine roofs showed the dirt from the engine soot too clearly. The first set of DRX 6-4-2000 (#2000-2002) were painted with a red lining around the blue but this proved too costly and was eliminated on the second series (#2003-2005). All had a liberty herald in blue on the front (both ends on the double ended DRX 6-4-2000) and JERSEY CENTRAL LINES in orange capitals on blue on the B unit of ABA sets and on the side of the DRX 6-4-2000. The A-units of F3s and DR 4-4-1500 also had orange liberty heralds on the sides of the cabs.

Models:  This paint scheme on the EMD F3A and B units is available in HO model form from Stewart - check the diesel model table - new models in this paint scheme from Athearn are now available.  The Baldwin units are available second hand, in this paint scheme (OMI) and unpainted (OMI), in brass - check the diesel model table.

Photos:  Photos of locomotives in this paint scheme in selected Books  can be found as follows:

EMD F3 Baldwin DR 4-4-1500 Baldwin DRX 6-4-2000
# date reference # date reference # date reference
52 Aug-47 jcl2-p72 71 Jun-49 jcl2-p78 2000 Nov-46 jcl3-p18
52 Aug-47 jcl2-p72 76 Jun-49 taa-p44 2000 Dec-46 jcl2-p73
56 Jun-53 jcl2-p43 71 Oct-52 jcl2-p75 2001 Oct-47 taa-p9
58 Jun-53 jcl2-p43 73 Oct-52 jcl2-p75 2000-2 Mar-48 jcl3-p19
57 Jun-53 jcl2-p44 71 Jun-53 jcl2-p44 2000 Jul-48 jcl3-p12
55 Sep-54 jcl3-p39 78 Jun-53 jcl2-p44 2000 Aug-48 jcl3-p10
55 Aug-55 jcl2-p17 79 Feb-54 jcl2-p58 2000-2 Oct-48 taa-p24
52 - jcl3-p12 79 Sep-54 jcl3-p39 2002 Feb-49 jcl3-p18
53 - jcl3-p12 75 - jcl3-p34 2004 Feb-50 jcl3-p25
52 late-62 ata-p78       2003-5 - taa-p9

key:      jcl2 - Jersey Central Lines in Color, vol 2
            jcl3 - Jersey Central Lines in Color, vol 3
            ata - Alcos to Allentown
            taa - Trackside around Allentown

FM H15-44
Only one road switcher, the Fairbanks Morse H15-44, was painted in tangerine and blue, however, the style used was quite different, anticipating the yellow striping and green style of period 2 but with orange stripes on a blue background. The paint proved unstable and within 4-5 years they were repainted in the Green with yellow stripes paint scheme (Period 2). (the H16-44s were painted green and yellow on delivery). 

Fairbanks Mores H15-44, #1501 (MacOwen JT)
Northeast Railfan Net              

Models: This paint scheme on the H15-44 is available in model form from Atlas - check the diesel model table.

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Last modified: January 2018