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Diesel Paint Schemes >     Up | Tangerine & Blue | Green & Yellow
Green and Yellow - Period 2, 1950 - 1962        

Applied to all road switchers and cab units during 1950 - 1962 and lasted until 1976 on some units.

Cab Units
The three types of cab units operated by the CNJ, freight: ABA sets of EMD F3s, Baldwin DR 4-4-1500 and passenger: double-ended Baldwin DRX 6-4-2000s were all repainted in the green & yellow stripe paint scheme between 1950 and 1955 - the DRX 6-4-2000 before the others.  As can be seen in the pictures below - taken from the Jersey Central Lines books - the colour of the herald on the DRX 6-4-2000 units was green on yellow rather than the yellow on green found on all other CNJ units. The herald on the DR 4-4-1500 was often smaller than that on the F3 units. The locomotive number on the freight cab units appeared low down on both sides of the cab.

Baldwin DRX 6-4-2000, #2004 (J Testagrose)                                                       Baldwin DR 4-4-1500 ABA units, #75  (MacOwen)
Northeast Railfan Net                                                                                            Northeast Railfan Net   

As with so many things on the CNJ, the painters didn't often follow the instructions when painting the liberty heralds - this is clearest with the cab units. These pictures show some of the variations found:

 DRX 6-4-2000                      F3                                                                   

 DR 4-4-1500
Northeast Railfan Net      

Models:  This paint scheme on the EMD F3A and B units is available in model form from Athearn (in their Genesis range) - check the diesel model table.  Both Baldwin units are available (unpainted) in brass. The DR 4-4-1500 is also available as a body shell (A & B units) from the ARHS, and the DRX 6-4-2000 is available painted in this paint scheme from Red Ball in brass.

Photos:  Photos of locomotives in this paint scheme in selected Books can be found as follows:

EMD F3 Baldwin DR 4-4-1500 Baldwin DRX 6-4-2000
# date reference # date reference # date reference
57 Aug-55 jcl2-p17 74 Sep-54 jcl3-p39 2001 Jul-52 jcl3-p32
55 Jun-56 jcl3-p40 73 1956 jcl3-p42 2005 Oct-52 jcl3-p32
56 Jun-56 jcl3-p40 79 1958 jcl3-p47 2003 Mar-54 jcl2-p28
59 May-59 jcl3-p51 72 1958 taa-p56 2003 Jul-54 jcl3-p38
50 Sep-61 jcl3-p62 79 Aug-58 jcl2-p26 2000 Jul-54 jcl3-p38
59 May-62 jcl2-p60 79 Apr-59 jcl3-p50 2003 Nov-54 jcl2-p49
51 Jul-62 jcl2-p83 71 May-59 jcl2-p57 2003 Dec-54 jcl3-p41
59 Apr-63 taa-p46 72 Apr-60 jcl2-p128 2002 Jul-55 jcl3-p40
57 Apr-63 taa-p46 79 Mar-63 jcl3-p63 2005 Aug-55 jcl2-p19
56 Mar-64 jcl2-p21 71 - jcl2-p53 2004 1955 jcl2-p107
56 Apr-64 taa-p45 78 - jcl2-p53 2001 Jun-56 jcl2-p18
55 Apr-64 taa-p45 79 - jcl2-p55 2002 Jun-56 jcl2-p19
55 Nov-64 jcl2-p45 79 - jcl3-p34 2005 Sep-57 jcl2-p113
55 Feb-65 jcl2-p81       2000 Feb-61 jcl3-p58
56 Apr-65 jcl3-p68       2003-5 - jcl3-p33
55 Jun-65 jcl3-p69       2005 - jcl3-p57
53 - jcl2-p79            
55 - jcl2-p79            
57 - jcl3-p43            

key:      jcl2 - Jersey Central Lines in Color, vol 2
            jcl3 - Jersey Central Lines in Color, vol 3
            taa - Trackside around Allentown

Road Switchers
The only road switchers to be re-painted in this paint scheme were the 14 Fairbanks Morse H15-44s, repainted from a similar blue and orange paint scheme.  It is often hard to see the difference between these two color schemes in photos as the film makes the greens look blue.  

In each case, there is a liberty herald in yellow on the cab sides, with the locomotive number painted below it.

All other road switchers were painted directly in this paint scheme. This included:

Alco                      -    RS-1 (6),  RS-3 (24),  RSD-4 (14),   RSD-5  (1)
   -    RS-12  (4)
Fairbanks Morse    -    H16-44  (4),   H24-66  (13)
      -    GP7  (13)

However, although the stripes, heralds and numbers on the sides were very similar, the positioning of the heralds on the front and rear ends differed considerably from model to model:

Northeast Railfan Net       RS-12     (Jim Benny)

The locomotive number on all units also appeared low down on the left hand side on the front of the unit.

in bottom stripe:                     in top stripe:                                                               above top stripe:
H24-66                                                    RS-1,  RS-3,  RSD-4,  RSD-5,  GP7                                                               H15-44,  H16-44                       

In each case, the herald position on the front and back was the same. The Baldwin RS12 had a herald painted on a metal disc placed on the radiator grill (see right - from Northeast Railfan Net, #1207 (David Nyce)), with the yellow stripes painted across the grill, but these quickly faded - see "Jersey Central Diesels" for an excellent photo.  Otherwise, its paint scheme was very similar to the RS-1/GP7 group.

Models: This paint scheme is available for all these diesel types, except the GP7, in model form from Atlas, Athearn and/or Stewart  - check the diesel model table.  The RS3 models are hardest to find.

Photos:  Photos of locomotives in this paint scheme in selected Books can be found as follows:

RS-3 RSD-4 / RSD-5 RS12
# date reference # date reference # date reference
1540 Jul-50 jcl2-p83 1614 Aug-64 jcl2-p77 1208 Apr-53 jcl3-p27
1541 Jul-50 jcl2-p83 1605 Jun-65 jcl2-p65 1208 Nov-54 jcl2-p48
1552 Apr-58 jcl2-p103 1610 1965 ata-p67 1533 Sep-68 jcl2-p33
1548 Sep-58 jcl3-p48 1605 Mar-66 jcl3-p90 1209 Apr-70 jcl2-p30
- Sep-58 jcl3-p48 1601 Jun-70 jcl2-p33 1206 Mar-72 jcl2-p93
1709 Mar-59 jcl2-p20            
170? Mar-59 jcl3-p50            
1555 Apr-62 taa-p23            
1548 May-62 jcl2-p21            
1553 Oct-64 jcl2-p16            
1553 Jun-65 jcl2-p97            
1701 Sep-65 jcl3-p89            
1554 Feb-66 jcl2-p36            
1550 Jul-66 jcl3-p71            
1553 Jul-66 jcl3-p72            
1550 Apr-67 jcl3-p77            
1543 - jcl2-p59            
1545 - jcl2-p59            


H24-66 H15-44 / H16-44 GP7
# date reference # date reference # date reference
2406 Sep-55 taa-p58 1504 Jun-53 jcl2-p42 1532 Feb-55 jcl3-p40
2413 Jun-56 jcl3-p42 1500 Aug-53 jcl3-p33 1531 1956 jcl3-p42
2413 Jul-57 jcl3-p44 1515 Jul-54 jcl3-p37 1524 Apr-58 jcl2-p102
2409 Sep-57 jcl3-p46 1510 Jan-55 jcl2-p105 1526 Sep-58 taa-p23
2406 Nov-58 jcl3-p49 1506 Jan-55 jcl2-p105 1532 Feb-62 jcl3-p62
2401 Feb-59 jcl2-p57 1506 1955 jcl2-p105 1528 Apr-62 jcl3-p63
2406 Jul-60 jcl3-p57 - Aug-57 jcl3-p45 1520 Mar-63 jcl3-p63
2407 Feb-61 jcl3-p58 1502 Oct-61 jcl3-p59 1525 Jul-64 jcl2-p58
2401 Mar-61 jcl2-p20 1504 Mar-63 jcl3-p63 1521 Jul-66 jcl3-p70
2404 Apr-62 jcl2-p56 1516 Apr-63 jcl3-p64 1521 Apr-67 jcl3-p78
2402 Apr-62 ata-p30 1512 Jul-66 jcl3-p72 1524 Jan-68 jcl2-p51
2408 Sep-62 jcl2-p52 1500 Jul-66 jcl3-p72 1524 Oct-68 jcl2-p125
2413 Apr-63 jcl3-p64 1511 Nov-66 jcl3-p76 1524 Oct-68 jcl3-p86
2408 Apr-63 jcl3-p118 1513 Feb-67 jcl2-p14 1524 - jcl3-p47
2405 Apr-63 jcl3-p118 1511 - jcl2-p23      
2403 Apr-63 jcl3-p118            
2406 Apr-63 taa-p49            
2407 Aug-63 jcl2-p36            
2413 Aug-63 jcl3-p64            
2413 Sep-65 jcl2-p23            
2406 Jul-66 jcl2-p15            
2413 Jul-66 jcl2-p15            
2412 Jul-66 jcl3-p70            
2404 late-66 ata-p28            
2412 Dec-66 jcl3-p77            
2412 Apr-67 jcl2-p15            
2413 Apr-67 jcl2-p27            
2412 Jul-68 jcl2-p104            
2402 1960s ata-p26            

key:      jcl2 - Jersey Central Lines in Color, vol 2
            jcl3 - Jersey Central Lines in Color, vol 3
            ata - Alcos to Allentown
            taa - Trackside around Allentown

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