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Locomotives seen in Mauch Chunk

This collection of photos - taken from the web and books - illustrate which classes, and indeed which examples of these classes, were operating in Mauch Chunk from the late 1930s to the late 1950s.   Links are to the photos on the original sites - if you own these photos and want the accreditation altered or even the photo removed, please contact us and we will do so immediately.

Mikado 2-8-2s
Mikados were the main freight haulers prior to the introduction of diesel cab units in the late 1940s. After that they were more usually seen hauling coal trains and many survived at Mauch Chunk into the early 1950s.
M2/3?                                        M2as #890                               M2/3?                                       
Black Diamonds to Tidewater (c1925)      Black Diamonds to Tidewater    (c1950)     from Frank Revitt    (1951)                         
                                                                      photo: John J. Bowman, Jr.                                                                                           

M3a #909

NE Railfan Net  (1943) 
Jim Benny 

Consolidation 2-8-0 cb
2-8-0 and 4-8-0 camelback locomotives (classes I and K respectively) were drag-freight haulers pulling mainly coal trains in the earlier period.  As the more powerful Mikados took over much of the coal haulage, they took over switching roles in the Mauch Chunk yard and surrounding coal branch lines. By the late 1940s, most had disappeared.
I6as #656

Black Diamonds to Tidewater  (1937)
photo: Robert F. Morris BF 

Twelve Wheeler 4-8-0 cb
K1as #480                                K1as #446                                 K1as #450
Black Diamonds to Tidewater   (c1910)     NE Railfan Net  (1945)                                  NE Railfan Net  (1938)

Pacific 4-6-0

In the steam era, the G3/4 pacifics hauled the through express passenger services while the less powerful G1/2 pacifics hauled the trains terminating at Mauch Chunk. When the through services were stopped, the G3/4 pacifics took over the Mauch Chunk terminating trains. They were replaced by Baldwin double-enders in 1947.
G4s #810                                  G4s                                             G4s #812                

Black Diamonds to Tidewater  (1946)        from Paul Rice                                              NE Railfan Net 
photo: Bob Fischer                                                                                                             photo: Bob Redden

G1s #824                           G1s #824

NE Railfan Net                                     originally from
photo: Bob Redden                          Glyn Thomas's MC site


Freight Cab units
After 1947, freight cab units from EMD and Baldwin (the DR4-4-1500) took over most of the freight from the Mikados. They ran mainly in A-B-B-A formation through Mauch Chunk so that they could get over the mountains without helpers.
EMD F3A #51                          EMD F3A

"Jersey Central Lines in Color - Vol 2"        originally from Glyn Thomas's MC site                      

Passenger Cab units
In 1947, the unique double ended passenger freight units from Baldwin took over passenger services to Mauch Chunk from the Pacifics, although this service was soon terminated.
Baldwin DR 6-4-2000 type 2

originally from Glyn Thomas's MC site

Alco Road Switchers
After 1950, Alco road switchers - in particular RS-3 and RSD-4 models took over from the Mikados at Mauch Chunk where they were used for switching and (in multiple units) for road hauling freight.
RS3 #1540                                RS3 #1541                                RS3
Black Diamonds to Tidewater  (1966)        "Jersey Central Lines in Color - Vol 2"         "Anthracite Country Color"
photo: A W Kovacs

RSD4/5 #1609                       RSD4/5 #1604

"Anthracite Country Color"                       "Anthracite Country Color"

EMD Switchers

Steam switching survived in the Mauch Chunk yard into the early 1950s when EMD SW-7 and SW-9s where introduced and rapidly took over all switching duties there. Other makers' diesel switchers were not found here.
SW7 #1082              SW7 #1083                                                 SW9 #1085                              
originally from                         Fallen Flags  (1957)                                                             Black Diamonds to Tidewater  (1966)                                        
Glyn Thomas's MC site           photo: David Nyce                                                             photo: A W Kovacs

SW9 #1085                                             SW9 #1093                                SW9 #1088

Fallen Flags  (1957)                                                         Fallen Flags  (1966)                                      Fallen Flags  (1968)   
photo: David Nyce

RDC #551

from Paul Rice   

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