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Woodside  (
previously built by an MMRS team including Ian, Paul, Steve and half a dozen others.)

Woodside was commissioned for the Wirral Museum where it has held pride of place since 2001. It is a static model of the Woodside terminus of the LNWR/GWR joint railway and the adjacent ferry terminal to Liverpool as they were in 1934.  It was built by a team from the Merseyside Model Railway Society and was the subject of an article in Railway Modeller in 2001. If you ever visit Merseyside, the Wirral Museum is in the BIrkenhead Town Hall, on Hamilton Square, and entry is free. More photos can now be found on the Merseyside MRS website - here.

      ws1.jpg (118074 bytes)      ws4.jpg (13990 bytes)  

ws2.jpg (122677 bytes)       ws5.jpg (26497 bytes)       ws3.jpg (149986 bytes)

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Last modified:  16 July 2016