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Progress by end January 2003

Over Christmas Paul relaid the main lines and much of the yard track according to the Templot plans, leaving spaces for the pointwork (switches) except on the main lines which where temporarily laid through to allow us to run trains. Paul and Chris cut up the temporary Flagstaff mountain so that it could be permanently mounted - the gaps are over the baseboard joints. A tunnel has been introduced to allow the track to run off the modelled area at left. Steve started tracing photos of Susquehanna Street on his computer - using Adobe Photoshop to "straighten out" the images and PowerPoint to trace the outlines.  Ian and Steve started to remount Mount Pisgah, starting with route 209 which has been built in plywood. All photos below were taken on the open night on Feb. 7th and include the special train consisting of stock supplied by Eugene Mones of Jim Thorpe.

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Last modified:  16 July 2016