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2008 Progress - Year seven Q1 2008 | Q2 2008 | Q3/4 2008

We continued modelling in the Spring, focusing on completing buildings. Paul started work on the Central Hotel. He also continued rewheeling trucks and the more recalcitrant locomotives.

Steve continued adding to the last six buildings on Susquehanna street, completing the building started by Alisdair and fixing all six to perspex bases. O-scale paving slabs were individually cut and mounted (see 1st picture) to give a fairly good representation of the paving slabs seen in photos of the period. It seemed to work so we will use this approach for the rest of the sidewalks


Steve also experimented with Brass etching to prepare a revised set of windows for the Iron Works and used the spare space to make sash windows for the next Susquehanna street block of apartments. The Iron works certainly looks a lot better.     

When not working on the station, Chris carved the war memorial based on a set of scaled photos - both period and current. In the photo (L) Ian is working behind Chris.

Chris carried on with the Station building adding the roofing beams and then the roof. Getting the line of the roof over the change of direction of the platform awning proved a challenge! The roof was initially painted for the current roofing colors, but will be repainted grey soon to match the roofing of the late 40s.


The station was placed on the layout for the Spring Open Day in early April and really added a lot to the overall impression.

To our great pleasure, Dave Williams joined the group in February (photo right). He was a club member many years ago and was again starting up with the hobby as he had now retired (and done the obligatory DIY at home!). He started off modelling the petrol station and associated buildings on the front side of Susquehanna Street.

The following photos show the layout running at the Spring Open Day - as usual with some slightly non-prototypical stock running ! :




We continued modelling in the early Summer, trying to complete buildings. Paul was still re-wheeling box cars and had managed to get our 4-8-0 running smoothly.

Steve had pretty well completed the next building on Susquehanna Street making good use of the brass etched windows and started on the last - the end was in site.

Steve used brass etching to prepare all the windows, doors and archways for the Freight house which Chris has moved on to having completed the Station. Some additional architectural details were also etched for use to detail the other Susquehanna Street buildings.  When not working on the station, Chris had been carving the war memorial (note the statue was modified from a plastic one) but with the statue facing slightly towards the front of the model - artistic licence!       

In this set of pictures, Dave Williams was modelling the petrol station and associated buildings on the front side of Susquehanna Street using perspex sheet; Paul was working on wheelsets and Chris on the Freighthouse.

We continued modelling in the Autumn (Fall), still continuing with completing buildings and with Paul re-wheeling freight cars, building coal hoppers and putting coal in them. Chris made good use of the etched brass lintels and doors in building the freight house. These photos show the construction from the very early stages to near completion.



The next three photos show the painted fire escape (built by Paul) on the Hooven Building, Dave's frame of the Susquehanna Street petrol (gas) station and Chris's station building.

Paul was quietly building the Central Hotel at home (he is a first class modeller - see the Woodside page) and brought it in for the club open day. We sneaked a picture of it while he wasn't looking.

Steve had now "finished" the last building on Susquehanna Street


The three photos below show the model at the Open Day at the end of November...

No end of year picture of us all I'm afraid, but we were still here!  - four now. We were looking forward to moving away from the buildings in 2009 and getting some scenic work done. But it was not to happen so fast!

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Last modified: 9 October 2016