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2004 Progress - Year three Q1 2004 | Q2 2004 | Q3 2004 | Q4 2004

This page also links to the original progress pages of 2004 - above.

jan04-7.jpg (43227 bytes)jan04-12.jpg (46907 bytes)jan04-11.jpg (49315 bytes)Progress picked up in January as Chris and Paul forged ahead with the switches on the front of the layout and they are now all in place (although not wired or motored) and working!  Even Steve has had a go at laying switches in the fiddle yard to provide new storage sidings - he has also finished most of the work on the third building.


feb04-3.jpg (13001 bytes)Progress also continued well in February and March. Chris put finishing touches to the turnouts and trackwork on the front of the layout and Paul removed, wired and replaced two baseboards as he starts the laborious task of wiring the layout.   feb04-5.jpg (18239 bytes)Although we will use DCC eventually, he is wiring for standard operation at the start with four blocks. 

Chris starting on the finishing touches at the baseboard joints,

feb04-7.jpg (23738 bytes)feb04-8.jpg (30761 bytes)Chris has also built and placed a model weighscale (non-functioning - see photo #707).

Progress has slowed a little in quarter 2 - mainly as Chris focused on building replacement lighting gantries for taking club layouts to exhibitions. However, Paul finished his sixth board (all in the storage yard) - the wiring really is beautiful if you like that sort of thing - and started on the front boards.


By early June, all the four rear baseboards and the end boards had been wired and tests have ensured that trains will run. Paul started on the wiring of the front boards later in June.

Steve has been doing some scenic modelling on the front wall and making a lot of noise carving stones out of plaster with his mini-drill.    



Steve worked on the wall along the Lehigh river - more details can be found on a separate page - the river wall.

Chris continued to focus on building replacement lighting gantries for taking club layouts to exhibitions and finished them for the exhibition at the end of October.  Paul continued with the wiring, and finished most of the boards on the front of the layout as well.  Steve continued scenic modelling on the "Lehigh River" at the front of the layout and made good progress. 

And right, after some painting. First spray-painting with tan, then darker grey, and finally dry-brushing with light grey. The river finish is temporary - finalising it more at this stage would result in damage as areas behind are modelled. There will also be a lot of greenery added later.

We speeded up in quarter 4 - Chris moved on to building the bridge over the railroad (and over the river in the prototype) - see the special bridge page.  Paul continued with the wiring, and has now finished all of the boards - a high quality piece of work.  Steve inserted pairs of ceramic magnets from Radio Shack under the track work at the front to act as uncouplers, and is working on the 4th and 5th buildings on Susquehanna Street.


The photo extravaganza below was mainly taken on the open day at the start of December.


and a few more from the end of 2004:



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Last modified: 9 October 2016